Hi, I’m Luca.

I am honored to welcome you to the great halls of Kibil-dûm , a place rich with wonders in the form of handcrafted jewellery, smoking pipes and many other artifacts, inspired by mythology and fantasy folklore.

allow me to embark you on this creative journey, from imagining an item, designing the form, to solving the building challenges and learning how to bend materials to a new form, forging items that recall old themes and proposing a new reinvigorated meaning.

So , come in! have a look around, my treasury may hide your next loot!


Take a look at my selection of handmade artisan jewellery and find your next special item!

Smoking Pipes

Find a beautiful pipe to make your smoking experience even more enjoyable!

Art projects

Enjoy a gallery of my unique projects, exploring other techniques and materials.

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