Each piece of jewellery is desinged and handmade by an artisan goldsmith.

Surtr Flaming Sword

” The swarthy one ”

56mm x 25mm

sword with zirconia : red, black, orange, white.

  • Brass 699kr qty /7/


 Móðguðr Shield

” Furious battler “

41mm x 21mm

Shield with zirconia : blue, azure, yellow, lilla.

  • Brass 799kr qty /7/
  • Silver (925) 899kr qty /3/



40mm x 16mm

Raven skull with rune Hagalaz , Mannaz, or blank.

  • Brass 399kr qty /4 /

raven skull with purple zirconia

  • silver (925) 899kr qty /1/


 Freyja ring

” If you can’t lay em, slay ’em “

soon available

Hela ring

soon available

Dragon ring

soon available

Draki ring

“Wealth is guarded by a dragon…. bigger the wealth, bigger the dragon”

soon available

Tyr sacrifice

” Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision “

soon available


soon available

Hunter pendant

” The bow is bent, the arrow flies, the winged shaft of fate “

soon available

Stag ring

” four are the harts consuming it’s leaves , Dáin and Dvalin, Duneyr and Dýrathrór “

soon available

Beard lock

soon available

Antler warrior mark

soon available

Dwarven ring of power

soon available

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