” Dwarves’ tongues run when speaking of their handiwork, they say. “

Luca Tosatto is an Italian artisan and artist born in Padova in 1991.

From a very young age, he shows a natural inclination to art and handcraft. He quickly discovers the joy of expressing his imagination,and the need to explore further his artistic skills, which leads him to join and graduate from art school, where he is introduced to the art of metalsmithing that would become his passion and profession.

After several years working as a goldsmith, he expanded his knowledge and experience in the craft, allowing him to refine his techniques and precision, giving him the confidence to become a freelancer and to start proposing his art.

It is important to mention his love for history, archeology and the mysticism of the ancient world, the great sagas of heroes and gods, the many magical artifacts mentioned in these tales, as well as the great architecture of ancient civilization will heavily define and shape his design and style, creating the brand Kibil-dûm.

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